WCSE 2015
ISBN: 978-981-09-5471-0 DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2015.04.090

Iterative BCJR Equalizer for Underwater Communication

Tae-Seok Ahn, Ha-Hyun Sung, Ji-Won Jung

Abstract— In this paper, we presented an iterative BCJR equalization to cope with inter symbol interference induced by reflection of sea-level and sea-bottom for underwater communication channel. Iterative BCJR equalizer consists of inner codes and outer codes, we employ decision feedback equalizer as an outer codes and half rate convolutional codes as inner codes. Equalizer and BCJR decoder are connected through the interleaving and de-interleaving that update each other's information repeatedly. At the receiver side, we resort to powerful BCJR equalization algorithms that iteratively exchange probabilistic information between inner decoder and outer decoder, thereby the error rates can be reduced significantly. Based on experimental channel response, we confirmed that the performance is improved as iteration number is increased.

Index Terms— Convolutional codes, BCJR decoder, BCJR Equalization, Decision Feedback Equalizer, Underwater communication.

Tae-Seok Ahn, Ha-Hyun Sung, Ji-Won Jung
Department of Radio Communication Engineering, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, KOREA


Cite: Tae-Seok Ahn, Ha-Hyun Sung, Ji-Won Jung, "Iterative BCJR Equalizer for Underwater Communication," 2015 The 5th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering-Information Processing and Control Engineering (WCSE 2015-IPCE), pp. 540-546, Moscow, Russia, April 15-17, 2015.