WCSE 2015
ISBN: 978-981-09-5471-0 DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2015.04.089

Optimization of Layered Space Time Codes for MIMO Underwater Sensor Communication

Chang-Uk Baek, Ji-Won Jung

Abstract— In this paper, we expand iterative turbo equalizer techniques for single-input-single-output (SISO) system to multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system in order to increase data rates for multipath channel environment such as underwater communication channel. In MIMO system, space time trellis codes (STTC) was employed as an inner code. In receiver side, BCJR algorithm is used for STTC decoding in order to improve BER performance by increasing iterations. Based on experimental channel response, we confirmed that the performance is the better as iteration number is increased.

Index Terms— Space time trellis codes, Turbo equalization, Single-Output-Single-Input, Multiple-Output-Multiple-Input, BCJR, Underwater communication channel

Chang-Uk Baek, Ji-Won Jung
Department of Radio Communication Engineering, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, KOREA


Cite: Chang-Uk Baek, Ji-Won Jung, "Optimization of Layered Space Time Codes for MIMO Underwater Sensor Communication," 2015 The 5th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering-Information Processing and Control Engineering (WCSE 2015-IPCE), pp. 533-539, Moscow, Russia, April 15-17, 2015.