WCSE 2022 Spring
ISBN: 978-981-18-5852-9 DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2022.04.026

Method to Manage Design Conflicts and Complexity in the Early Stage of Engineering Design

Pattarawit Srimuang, Kusol Pimapunsri

Abstract— At the early phase of the engineering design, numerous ideas were generated as many as possible to satisfy the customer needs. Those ideas finally were transformed into a set of design matrices. However, the result of idea generation usually gave abundant of possible design variants. To avoid design conflicts and to obtain potential design variants, the design team must find the possible design variants and evaluate them. This process is considered a time-consuming and iterative work. This paper presents a method to find the possible design variants and to evaluate it complexity. It focuses on the mapping process between the function domain and the design domain. The generated ideas were transformed into design matrices represent a set of functional requirements (FRs) and a set of design parameters (DPs). The possible design variants were stored in the design library. They were then evaluated its complexity with complexity index (Ci). This method supports the design team to avoid design conflicts and to select suitable design variants at the early design phase.

Index Terms— Engineering Design, Design Evaluations, Design Selection, Complexity.

Pattarawit Srimuang
Department of Industrial and Logistics Engineering Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, King Mongkut's University Technology of North Bangkok, Thailand
Kusol Pimapunsri
Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand


Cite: Pattarawit Srimuang, Kusol Pimapunsri, "Method to Manage Design Conflicts and Complexity in the Early Stage of Engineering Design," WCSE 2022 Spring Event: 2022 9th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications, pp. 217-224, Sanya, China, April 15-18, 2022.