WCSE 2020 SPRING ISBN: 978-981-14-4787-7
DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2020.02.029

Service Management Strategy for CDN

Xinhua E, Binjie Zhu, Hui Zhang, Yanjun Shi

Abstract— A content distribution network is a kind of overlay network to improving Internet access speed for clients. The management of cache server of content distribution network is an important issue. This paper studies the edge server resource management strategy of streaming media service in the multi-service CDN. A management strategy was proposed in this paper. It can manage the edge server resources in the effective under the premise of guaranteeing QOS, and improve resource utilization in the CDN.

Index Terms— CDN, Overlay network, service management

Xinhua E
Beijing University of Technology, CHINA
Binjie Zhu, Hui Zhang, Yanjun Shi
China Mobile Group Beijing Company Limited, CHINA


Cite: Xinhua E, Binjie Zhu, Hui Zhang, Yanjun Shi, "Service Management Strategy for CDN, " Proceedings of 2020 the 10th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering (WCSE 2020), pp. 168-172, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma), February 26-28, 2020.