WCSE 2020 SPRING ISBN: 978-981-14-4787-7
DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2020.02.009

Innovation Security of Beaufort Cipher by Stream Cipher Using Myanmar-Vigenere Table and Unicode Table

Htet Htet Naing, Zin May Aye

Abstract—Nowadays, securing information and message transformation are going with electronic way, the security becomes very important role on public network. Cryptography is readable message convert to unreadable message using encryption/decryption process. Encryption Process is sender and decryption process are receiver side. Commonly, information can be storing with international language such as English language. At the present time, everyone is trying to be more secure not only English but also own language such as Myanmar, Chinese, Tamil etc. Confidential data are transferred through with regional language by using with more innovative method. To secure such information, encryption/decryption plays an important role in information security. In cryptography, there are several cipher techniques such as, polyalphabetic cipher, Stream cipher, Block cipher etc. This section using Beaufort cipher is an example of substitution cipher, In this paper, we propose an advanced encryption algorithm that improves the security of Beaufort encryption by combining it with a modern encryption method such as Stream cipher for the Myanmar language, Stream cipher is considered relatively as an unbreakable method and uses a binary form ( instead of characters) where Plain text, encrypted text and key are bit string.

Index Terms— cryptography, encryption, decryption, Beaufort Cipher, Stream Cipher

Htet Htet Naing, Zin May Aye
University of Computer Studied, MYANMAR


Cite: Htet Htet Naing, Zin May Aye, "Innovation Security of Beaufort Cipher by Stream Cipher Using Myanmar-Vigenere Table and Unicode Table," Proceedings of 2020 the 10th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering (WCSE 2020), pp. 52-56, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma), February 26-28, 2020.