WCSE 2015
ISBN: 978-981-09-5471-0 DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2015.04.097

A Novel Algorithm for Open-set Modulation Recognition of Communication Signals

Wang Bo, Huang Zhen

Abstract— In this paper, a novel algorithm is proposed for open-set modulation recognition of communication signals by extracting the characteristics of received signals in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise. Some instant characteristics are defined, including continuous coefficient of unification instant phase, concentration ratio of instant amplitude unification and so on, meanwhile a two-stage classifier is also designed to improve recognition accuracy and avoid adding much computing time. The proposed recognition algorithm can identify nine different modulation modes from other unknown one, and noted that it is rarely sensitive to residual frequency offsets and available for MF signals. Simulation results demonstrate that the recognition accuracy of the proposed algorithm is better than 93% at 8 dB SNR value and robustness is also achieved for varied cosine roll-off signals.

Index Terms— open-set modulation recognition, instant characteristic, high-order cumulants, classifier

Wang Bo, Huang Zhen
Space Center, Tsinghua University, CHINA


Cite: Wang Bo, Huang Zhen, "A Novel Algorithm for Open-set Modulation Recognition of Communication Signals," 2015 The 5th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering-Information Processing and Control Engineering (WCSE 2015-IPCE), pp. 587-594, Moscow, Russia, April 15-17, 2015.