WCSE 2015
ISBN: 978-981-09-5471-0 DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2015.04.084

Understanding Latency in Cellular-based Mobile Internet

Guofeng Zhao, Chunyan Cao, Dan Li, Chuan Xu

Abstract— In this paper, we focus on investigating latency in internal parts of the mobile Internet ecosystem based on real data sets. We reveal and characterize three kinds of latencies: gateway processing delay, round-trip delay, and inter-ISP delay. We found that the gateway-processing delay fits well with the lognormal distribution. Besides, to decrease inter-ISP delay, we suggest mobile carriers should improve the capacity and performance of their infrastructure, enhance the level of cooperation among them and apply some specific policy such as caching strategy.

Index Terms— Cellular network, mobile Internet, gateway, latency.

Guofeng Zhao, Chunyan Cao, Dan Li, Chuan Xu
Key Laboratory of Optical Communication and Networks, CQUPT, CHINA


Cite: Guofeng Zhao, Chunyan Cao, Dan Li, Chuan Xu, "Understanding Latency in Cellular-based Mobile Internet," 2015 The 5th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering-Information Processing and Control Engineering (WCSE 2015-IPCE), pp. 504-509, Moscow, Russia, April 15-17, 2015.