WCSE 2016
ISBN: 978-981-11-0008-6 DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2016.06.010

Smart University System Based on Wireless Technologies in Kazakhstan

Nurbek Saparkhojayev, Rimma Akkozieva

Abstract— The urgency of developing this system arises in connection with the growing needs of universities in Kazakhstan to automate the process of checking attendance, both students and staff; and to make the use of computers more efficiently, especially for students, and to automate the process of controlling doors. Also, an important factor of the application and the use of this technology is the possibility of disposing of one universal card /tag, that will not only use it for the described purposes, but also allows its cardholders to pay for various services provided in the university, where this system is deployed. In addition, the system allows controlling the time of arrival and departure of personnel and automating accrual final salary in accordance with the number of hours worked staff. In general, the proposed system consists of following modules: module for checking students’ attendance; module for checking staff attendance; module for controlling the doors, like opening/closing doors, locking/unlocking doors, mobile application for attendance checking; and module for controlling the use of computers. In addition, all these modules use our own encryption algorithm that secures data processing during the workload of each module.

Index Terms— RFID technology, NFC technology, encryption algorithm, smart system, education.

Nurbek Saparkhojayev
Almaty Management University, KAZAKHSTAN
Rimma Akkozieva
University of International Business, KAZAKHSTAN


Cite: Nurbek Saparkhojayev, Rimma Akkozieva, "Smart University System Based on Wireless Technologies in Kazakhstan," Proceedings of 2016 6th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering, pp. 49-53, Tokyo, 17-19 June, 2016.