WCSE 2018 ISBN: 978-981-11-7861-0
DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2018.06.139

Fuzzy performance Evaluation in Romanian Banking Industry

Simona RUS

Abstract— The banking system contributes to economic stability. The banking system stability can be a pillar for the overall macroeconomic stability of the country. The main objective of this paper is to present the importance of information technology and fuzzy logic for the analysis and development of the banking industry in Romania. An evaluation of the literature suggests that the number of publications using multicriteria and fuzzy decision-making methods is increasing from one year to the next. The use of FAHP and FTOPSIS methods in assessing banks performance contributes to increasing the competitiveness of banks and developing future competitive strategies. Five Romanian banks are evaluated, based on five established criteria. The banks were selected according to the profit recorded in 2017. The results highlight that financial and non-financial indicators contribute to the increasing of banking competitiveness.

Index Terms— banking sector, fuzzy, AHP, TOPSIS, competitiveness.

Simona RUS
Politehnica University of Timisoara, Faculty of Management in Production and Transportation, Department of Management, ROMANIA


Cite: Simona RUS, "Fuzzy performance Evaluation in Romanian Banking Industry," Proceedings of 2018 the 8th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering, pp. 839-843, Bangkok, 28-30 June, 2018.