WCSE 2022 Spring
ISBN: 978-981-18-5852-9 DOI: 10.18178/wcse.2022.04.099

Research Survey on Open Shop Scheduling Strategies Based on Intelligent Algorithms

Zhou Chenjing, Ma Zhixin

Abstract— Open shop scheduling problem (OSSP) is one of the fundamental scheduling problems. Many scenarios such as vehicle maintenance, the medical system, and food processing can be modeled as OSSP in production and life. Therefore, this problem has essential application value and research significance. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the research of intelligent algorithms has increased explosively. Genetic algorithms, swarm intelligence algorithms, and artificial neural networks are several important intelligent algorithms that can solve OSSP. This paper summarizes the OSSP based on intelligent algorithms. Firstly, it briefly introduces the intelligent algorithm and OSSP. Then, the research on evolutionary algorithms and swarm intelligence algorithms to solve the OSSP is classified and summarized. Finally, the current algorithms for solving the problem are analyzed and discussed, the problems not solved by the existing algorithms are proposed. Furthermore, the development direction of intelligent algorithms for OSSP has been prospected.

Index Terms— intelligent manufacturing, open shop scheduling, intelligent algorithm, genetic algorithm, swarm intelligence algorithm.

Chenjing Zhou
Zhejiang Sci-tech University
Zhixin Ma
Zhejiang Sci-tech University


Cite: Zhou Chenjing, Ma Zhixin, " Research Survey on Open Shop Scheduling Strategies Based on Intelligent Algorithms, " WCSE 2022 Spring Event: 2022 9th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications, pp. 841-849, Sanya, China, April 15-18, 2022.